By using this service you agree to the terms and conditions:

  • On the "Basic" and "Premium" tariffs, sharing access to the subscription is not allowed. The subscription is only available for one customer, who has three personal devices.

  • The use of VPN is only allowed for blocked websites*. We call this responsible use in order to increase the speed of VPN for all customers.

  • The Basic and Premium tariffs are intended for everyday use. If your activity involves large amounts of data, such as online gaming or downloading large amounts of data (over 300GB per month), you need to purchase the Premium+ or Personal Server tariff. If you are using a tariff but the traffic volume is too high, we will notify you by email. If you ignore the warnings, the traffic will be restricted.

  • It is strictly forbidden to download torrents and large files available without a VPN. Explanation: You can download the torrent file from the website, but as soon as you launch the torrent program, turn off the VPN! The speed will be significantly higher.

  • All the necessary information about changes in work, tariffs is sent to the email you provided when paying. Please make sure you can receive emails. If the emails are marked as spam, it is necessary to mark them as "not spam". We, in turn, undertake to maintain the operability of servers in China. In case none of the servers is working, please update your subscription with instructions If it doesn't help - you need to contact us any way or check the information about the blockages on the mail.

  • Now we are also sending important information to VK and Telegram if you have subscribed to the bot.

  • VPN is prohibited in China, so it may be blocked by the Chinese government (usually this happens during holidays or any significant events). Unstable work will continue as long as the blocks are in effect. Usually this can range from a few hours to a few days.

We also reserve the right to increase the response time for user inquiries, as the team is busy restoring operations.

You just need update the subscription with following instructions

During the blocks, we can also NOT RESPOND to requests in order to unlock access faster.

Keep an eye on the information on the mail, we will tell and explain everything, questions can be asked again, we will gladly answer them.

Remember: blocks are an essential part of work in China. We do not refund money due to VPN blocks, but we can discuss compensation a few days AFTER the blocks on an individual basis.

  • Refund. Refunds for the provided service are only possible in exceptional cases. If we provided it but you didn't want to follow the instructions or changed your mind about using it, then we probably won't return the money since the servers are running. In any case, if you have a problem we can help and in exceptional cases even compensate for the inconvenience.

If the rules of the VPN are violated, it may be blocked by the Chinese government or the speed may be reduced. We also reserve the right to take measures to restrict your account.

We ask you to respect these rules, thanks to their implementation we are able to maintain a high speed of VPN operation.

*This point applies to those who are in China. If you are not in China, you can download torrents with a VPN enabled. Exceptions include servers in Hong Kong, RU, and Taiwan.

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